13 ways to stay safe in the rat race

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Life is not easy and sometimes life sucks. Have you ever heard about the rat race? It’s kind of living the same life day after day waiting for a miraculous improvement. You have to work because you want that expected pay rise to buy this new car, this bigger apartment including the debts or being up to date with all the new and more expensive fashion trends. The more you earn, the harder it gets to leave your standards behind and to escape the rat race.

Definition of the rat race.
Definition of the rat race.

„It is also a misconception that getting more money will solve financial distress, but those who subject themselves most voluntarily to the race, just spend more and more, digging themselves the same hole.“

It’s not that you have to fulfill every of following points to realize you are stuck in the rat race. Sometimes is already enough when you execute one of the following ways. I hope you enjoy the following text. If you get offended, cool! Let’s talk about it in the comment section. Every comment will get an answer.

So here are the 13 ways to stay safe in your comfy rat cage.

#1 Accept everything and don’t think

Accept what your boss is telling you. He has reasons for it and it’s not your job to think. He has to think, that’s why he gets paid a little bit more. Don’t question processes in your company. It’s like that. Because they did it for ten years like that. Just accept it.

#2 Complain about your job

Complain how bad your job is and that you don’t like it. Tell your dad, your mom, your sisters, and brothers and yes don’t forget to tell it to your friends. Of course, they have to know it. Wanna bring it to the next level? Complain on Facebook on the way to work. But the most important, just complain, don’t change anything.

#3 Go study, get this degree

Your friends are going to study Law or Economics or Medicine or whatever. Do the same. Don’t think about what you like to do. Everybody get this bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Everybody does it, so it must be good. It’s the thing society wants you to do. So just follow the guidelines even if you are not interested at all in the topic. That’s good! Stay there. You do it not to learn something, you do it because it may look fancy in the CV and you get deeper into the rat race.

#4 Watch TV and Netflix

Watch the news and Netflix for staying safe in the rat race.
Watch the news and Netflix for staying safe in the rat race.

Important, watch reality TV because there you will see the real life. Or even better watch the news and see the negativity all over the world. And don’t question it. Everything on the news is the truth. So just believe it. You started a Netflix series; you are not a quitter, right? Finish it of course. Until the end. They announced a new season. Wait and watch it as well. It will change your life. Don’t watch the documentations, they are all sponsored, fake and you don’t learn anything. You don’t need to improve anyway in the rat race.

#5 Don’t read books, read the newspaper

Books, oh no. No, don’t touch them. They are written by crazy dead philosophers who didn’t know anything about life. And the books don’t represent the truth. You can’t learn anything from them. Of course, you can read the „newspaper“ and have a look who is Justin Bieber next girlfriend. It will have a huge impact in your life.

#6 Wait for the weekend and make party

Complain about that you don’t have money to travel or to start something. But go party, party hard. Spend your money for that buzz, for that Cuba Libre, for that Gin Tonic, for that fancy Moscow Mule. Make those historical parties nobody will remember in one week. Party to forget your struggles and to avoid thinking about the future. Drink a lot, so you have a hangover the next day, so you have an excuse to do nothing. Work five days at a shitty job for two party nights you won’t remember. And repeat it to be safe.

#7 Distract yourself

Don't meditate and never be alone for beeing safe in the rat race.
Don’t meditate and never be alone for beeing safe in the rat race.

Don’t try to meditate or be for your own on your couch and think about your life or what you like to do in future. Grab your phone, turn on the TV, listen to music, check Instagram, check Facebook, don’t forget Snapchat, see your friends every day. Just never be alone. When you have time for your own, you start to think. That should be avoided.

#8 Buy a lot of stuff

Your friends all have a nice new car. You also should get a new one, even if you don’t have enough savings for it. There is for sure someone who does a nice leasing for you. Go for it. The 50% decline in the worth when you drive the first meters, that’s fine, you don’t wanna sell it anyway. This new leather Jacket for 350.-, buy it of course. A Jacket, everybody needs a Jacket. The new bigger flat screen, go for it. The news will appear even bigger and more trustworthy. Work, complain, get this pay raise and repeat it the next year with more expensive stuff.

#9 If you go travel, don’t try new things

Are you going to travel? Why are you putting a toe outside of the rat race? To stay safe while traveling try to avoid new things. Go for the things you know. Go into that big resort, all inclusive, so you don’t have to go out of the hotel. Don’t interact with the local people, don’t try street food and avoid the local buses. And complain about the things which are different and better in your country. You will feel so much better.

#10 Don’t be grateful

Take everything for granted. Yes your shitty job, take it for granted. That you are healthy. Yes, it’s normal to be healthy why should I think about it. You are right, take it for granted. That you can eat every day, whatever you want… You got it, take it for granted. Those holidays you have… you guessed it…

#11 Quit when you don’t see result

Your second toe is already out of the rat race, you are trying some projects. Whats going on with you, you don’t like it anymore to be safe in the rat race. But relax, if you don’t see results in 2 weeks or earn a bunch of money after the 3rd week, just quit. It’s easy. Don’t try harder. Your foot should stay in the rat race. That’s how society controls us, why be a rebel. Just stay in the crowd to be safe.

#12 Surround yourself with less motivated people

You don’t like that feeling when someone is more successful than you. Don’t reveal your respect for them or even get some tips. Just avoid persons like that. You can’t learn anything from them. Go safe, surround yourself with people like you or even less motivated. You won’t learn anything new from them, but you will feel comfortable and that’s always the safe solution.

#13 Wait for the perfect moment

It’s true, this moment exists. You only have to wait long enough. You have a cold, a bad time in your relationship or too many dates at the moment. Then, of course, it’s not the perfect moment. Wait, the next week has another 7 days to wait. Wait until you get this amazing powerful feeling where you don’t have to think and everything gets done by itself… Wait it will come!
Those are only 13 of the safe ways to stay secure in the rat race. For sure there are a lot of others missing. Please comment the missing ones to stay safe in the race. Comment tomorrow or next week. Just don’t comment right now. I understand it’s just not the right moment.


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Danke fürs Teilen!

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2 thoughts on “13 ways to stay safe in the rat race”

  1. I love this Post and your work, it motivates me so much! When you start to go out of the rat race, it can be hard sometimes. Then it´s so important to have awesome people like you, that remembers us, that its possible to live a fulfilled life full of sense. It´s never too late, to go out of the rat race and when you do it, others will follow. It´s so enlightening <3 Thanks again for your work :))

    1. MindMotivation

      Hey Yvi, thank you so much for that uplifting and motivating comment. Really, it motivates me to write more article about motivation and about what I’m learning in my life. You are totally right, it’s never too late for anything. The best moment to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best moment is now. 😉 I will check out your page soon! And thank again for the support! Lovely regards

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